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67-Year-Old Calvin Klein Splits From 21-Year-Old Boyfriend

I hate when that happens. You just reach your retirement years and plan to spend them with your teenage significant other and everything is great for a few years and then they hit 21 and want to see the world and go to nightclubs but since you have to get to bed by 8pm, your idea of a nightlife is having a second glass of wine with your early bird dinner special.

Half price if you are in the door by 4pm. This is exactly what happened to Calvin Klein. He was 65 when he started dating his 19 year old boyfriend. Now 67, he was looking forward to his retirement years with his boy toy, but the boy toy has turned 21 and is legal and sees there are lots of guys out there who are the same age and can stay awake until after dark so the pair have split. For now.


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