53-Year-Old Madonna Dating 24-Year-Old Boy Toy

Madonna might want to be wooed by a Prince Charming but has she considered that no prince – in his right mind – would want her?

The 53-year-old Madonna who has previously been married to Sean Penn and Guy Ritchie and is currently dating 24-year-old boy toy Brahim Zaibat – believes women all have similar expectations about love.

What a crock. Where does this zillionaire cradle-robbing nympho get off talking about what ‘women’ want. Can she possibly think that her desires and needs are normal or representative? Actually, she is such an egotistical megalomaniac that she probably does believe that she speaks for all women.

She told Britain’s Hello! magazine: “We women still want what we’ve always wanted. So much has changed for us over the last few decades, in that we have the opportunity for better education, for many different kinds of jobs, for being independent in ourselves.”

“But we all still find ourselves wanting the same thing at the same time – to be swept off our feet by the perfect man.  We all think that perfect love is going to change our lives immensely. And of course love does change your life. But what we also have to understand is that happiness lies in our own hands, not someone else’s.”

Are we to take the statement that ‘happiness lies in our own hands’ literally?


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