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Time Warner to Offer $50 New Release Movies for Home Viewing

Time Warner Cable has announced that as soon as next summer, people will be able to watch newly released theatre movies from the comfort of their home.

The cost? $30-50 per movie.

That seems like a ton of money. Why would anyone pay it? Supposedly they are going to show movies that have just been released. So, I am thinking that means like the same day or the next day, right?

Well, not really. More like a few days to a couple of weeks. Ahhh. So, you want me to pay $50 to see a movie that is a week from being in what used to be the dollar movies?

Time Warner thinks there will be a big demand because people won't have to spend money on tickets and food and parking. Umm, that is kind of the point of going to the movies.

To get out of the house and not have to cook or watch the television like you do every other night of the week. Would you pay $50 to watch a movie at home?

Full disclosure. I have Time Warner Cable and I hate them.


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