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50 Shades of Grey Movie: Kristen Stewart, Alexis Bledel or Emma Watson to Play Anastasia Steele?

50 Shades of Grey, an erotic novel by E. L. James, was deemed by some to be the most popular book of 2012, so it’s no surprise fans are going crazy over its scheduled 2014 release. Just one major question remains at this point: Who is going to play the lead of Anastasia Steele?

Current contenders include Twilight’s Kristen Stewart, Harry Potter star Emma Watson, Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke and Mila Kunis. However Alexis Bledel, best known for her role on Gilmore Girls, is currently at the top of the list.

Bledel recently told fans that she is considering the role.

“Certainly,” Bledel told Zap2It. “And everyone is my life has asked me about it, because once something’s online, a lot of people consider it to be factual in some way. I’ve had to have conversations about it with pretty much everyone at one point of another, but I don’t think the script is even finished yet.”

Some say Bledel is the fan favorite not only because her physical appearance is suggestive of Anastasia herself, but also because Bledel’s career parallel’s Ana’s transformation in the book. Bledel started and is best known for her innocent role on Gilmore Girls. A transition to a risqué role in 50 Shades of Grey would parallel Anastasia’s transformation from a virgin to Christian’s student sex slave.

Stewart is the other frontrunner, but has remained silent about whether or not she is interested in the role. Some fans claim that casting Stewart in the lead role would liken the movie too much to Twilight, but maybe not—it all depends on who gets chosen to play Christian, which will be decided after Anastasia is cast.

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