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Photos: 50 Cent’s Son Plays With Stacks of Cash

Just last month, rapper 50 Cent tweeted photos of himself playing around with a half million dollars. Now, it looks like his son is a chip off the old block!

Fiddy took to Twitter to post photos of his offspring being extraordinarily rich, playing with and sleeping on tons of cash.

Mr. Cent tweeted the above photo, saying, “Like father like son he eating. Lol”

He went on to tweet, “Oh my god dad were rich. Lol”, along with, “My dad is getting so much money its making me cry. Lol” and “I need a blood test this kid don’t look like me lol.”

I guess it must be nice to be so bored that he and his son can afford to eat and sleep on money. While you’re slaving over an ancient computer at your crappy nine-to-five job in a cubicle farm, just know that all of us who have ever purchased any of Fiddy’s music have made it possible for him to act as if money doesn’t mean a thing.

It’s too bad that all of the money in the world can’t fix their looks. Poor guys.

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