Chelsea Handler Admits to Fling With 50 Cent


Chelsea Handler threw out the big words last night on Piers Morgan. Desperate for guests, Piers latched on to Chelsea Handler and her promotion for her new book. While on the program, Chelsea admitted what the world pretty much already knew. She dated 50 Cent.

She said it was casual which means to me that they were f**k buddies. Did she say that? No? Could it have been just a couple of friends who hung out with no sex involved? Absolutely. But, hear me out. The pictures of them in bed together is point number one that they were doing more than playing Risk on the living room floor.

Number 2 is that last night Chelsea said that 50 Cent left her satiated. Now, I do suppose he could have gone out and bought her a bunch of chocolate and ice cream and got her full on chocolate and sugar leaving that satiated feeling, but again, I am going to go with sex. She liked the controversy and attention and that is the reason she brought it up again last night.


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