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50 Cent Disowns His Son Through Profane Text Message Feud

Curtis Jackson, the rapper known as 50 Cent, cut off all contact with his 16-year-old son Marquise in January after the two had a fight through text messages.

The evidence of their argument was published by Radar Online on Monday just after Jackson was charged with domestic assault and vandalism resulting from a dispute with his ex-girlfriend.

Radar confirmed that the texts came from a cell phone registered to G Unit Touring, Jackson’s company.

On Monday afternoon, Jackson took to Twitter and accused Marquise’s mother of posing as their son and selling screenshots of the text feud.

“She hate me for winning,” he wrote. “It’s hard to replace me.”

The confrontation began when Jackson apparently arrived at Marquise’s house for a visit, though Marquise allegedly turned off the lights inside the house and shut the blinds when Jackson tried to enter.

Jackson repeated several times that he saw his son through the window, his anger escalating.

With exceptionally profane language, Jackson swore never to speak to his son again and promised merely to “make another.”

“I will never go out of my way again,” Jackson wrote. “I’m done texting you, delete my number.”

Marquise responded with accusations of neglect saying Jackson never called or acknowledged his birthday.

Sources: The Blaze, The Boom Box


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