5 Workout Tips: Get In Shape Like Ryan Reynolds

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Hunky actor Ryan Reynolds has the most saught after body as part of US Weekly and Gold's Gym's 2nd Annual Hollywood's Hottest Bodies Awards.

Here's their take on how to get in shape like Reynolds:

1. Diet: Reynolds's body is maintained by following a healthy, high protein, moderate carb and low-fat diet. "I would guess that he is eating small, protein-rich
meals throughout the day every three hours and is drinking plenty of water," says Ryan. On the same note, he warns to stay away from sugars, salts, oils, and starchy carbs.

2. Cardiovascular Training: In order to achieve a perfectly sculpted look, you need to perform cardio training to get rid of the excess fat and water the body is holding onto. An exercise regime of at least 20 minutes, five times a week will help you lose that fat. "But considering how lean and defined Reynolds is, my guess would be that he's doing at least 30-45 minutes of cardio every day," says Ryan.

3. Weight Training/Resistance Training: There is no other way to promote muscle density, size, and definition than training with free weights. "I would recommend an old fashioned, hardcore bodybuilding training routine, which requires training one or two body parts a day, exhausting the muscle, then training it again a few days later," says Ryan. With this type of routine, you will not only gain muscle and strength, but you'll burn through calories faster, which in turn will make you leaner!

4. Supplements: All great physique transformations need a solid diet complemented by supplements. Ryan recommends a healthy regimen of protein shakes, vitamins, and minerals.

5. Cross-training: A combination of strength- and aerobic-training will have you blasting through body fat. "When you're lifting weights, try jumping rope between each set," says Ryan. More advanced levels can try box jumps, plyometrics, or sprints on the
treadmill. Go for bursts of 60 seconds then immediately go back to resistance training -- the main goal is to keep your heart rate up!


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