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Father of Family Band "5 Browns" Sexually Abused 3 Daughters?

Have you heard of the group The 5 Browns? They are from Utah and kind of like the Osmonds, except they play instruments, are more classical and are really good. So good, in fact ,that they play all over the world to sold out venues.

Well, the father and one-time manager of the group, Keith Brown, was charged with sexually abusing his three daughters, including sodomy. How can you do that to your daughters? This guy should fry.

Apparently he knew he was going to be busted, because he did try and kill himself by driving his Porsche down a 300-foot hill into an icy river. He lived, and the car he bought with the earnings he made off the daughters he had sex with is totaled. I hope the guy lives in miserable pain for the rest of his life.

The daughters fired their dad as their manager back in 2008. Apparently one of them went to the police to discuss what dad had done. The charges stem from incidents that happened between 1990-1998. So yeah, he was doing this when they were little kids. His wife has stayed with him, though, and supports him. She was also in the car accident. Oh, and the daughters did visit them in the hospital.


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