4D Movie Theater Coming to U.S. (Video)


Most Americans have experienced going to a 3D movie in the past few years, but now the first 4D movie theater is opening in Los Angeles.

A Korean company, CJ 4DPlex, is planning to build the first 4D U.S. theater at the Regal Cinemas Live Stadium 14 in Tinseltown (video below).

According to Fandango.com, the 4D theater will include special effects (felt by the audience) "such as motion, wind, strobe lighting, rain, fog and scent-based elements."

CJ 4DPlex is planning to convert a small theater into a 4D theater that will hold 100 people by the summer, just in time for blockbusters, reports SlashFilm.com.

While 3D movie tickets cost more than regular tickets, it's not known how much a 4D ticket will be.

4D movies actually existed on a smaller scale in the late 1950s and 1960s, courtesy of horror-film producer William Castle.

Castle made low budget, cheesy, scary movies and placed joy buzzers under the seats in movie theaters to deliver a mild electric shock to audiences, notes Tested.com.

Castle would also drop inflatable skeletons from the ceiling and pull other such stunts.

Sources: Tested.com, SlashFilm.com, Fandango.com


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