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43-Year-Old Julia Roberts Hits Hawaii in a Bikini

43-year-old Oscar winner Julia Roberts put her bikini body on display yesterday in Hawaii as she was joined on the beach by her husband Danny Moder and their three children: Hazel, Phinnaeus and Henry.

The actress looked toned in her blue bikini as she splashed in the ocean with her children and laid out on the sand.  She spent most of the day getting tanned in her string bikini, but later covered up to protect her skin with a white shirt. She also donned a straw hat and large sunglasses to cover her face as she lay under a makeshift tent.

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(Photo by Splash News)

While this beach picture was not retouched, Roberts recently found herself in the middle of an airbrushing scandal over some L'oreal and Lancome ads that were banned by the Advertising Standards Agency in the UK, following complaints of excessive airbrushing.

L’Oreal admitted that certain ‘post production’ techniques had been used on the image of the actress, but insisted that the picture was an accurate representation of her “naturally healthy and glowing skin.”

The actress was reportedly paid several million to be the face of the Lancome brand, although, just last year, she condemned the obsession with beauty and youth as “shallow.”


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