Is 4-Year-Old Suri Cruise Too Old for Pacifier?


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have come under fire for their parenting of child Suri, whether it is allowing her to wear high heels, putting makeup on her or carrying her around like an infant. Now a new question -- at four years old, is she too old to still be using a pacifier? According to a report in the London tabloid the Daily Mail, photographers caught Suri with a pacifier (which the British apparently call a "dummy") in her mouth during a shopping trip in Vancouver. 

Opinions vary over how old is too old for a child to use a pacifier. But the Mail said many doctors and child experts "agree that six months is the ideal age to stop, as letting a child use a dummy after that age may end up affecting their bite in the future." The Cruise clan is in Vancouver while dad is shooting the latest "Mission: Impossible" film.

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