21-Year-Old Emma Watson Gives Advice on Love

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Why people are still interviewing Emma Watson now Harry Potter is finished is a bit of a mystery. We thought she said she was going to give up the celebrity lifestyle and move to Peru to build reasonably priced gastropubs for the local hill tribes. Not a chance. In fact, she's still quite happily passing on all the sage relationship advice she's managed to gather in her long and varied time on this earth (10 of which were spent on a film set) to 14 year old girls and middle aged, cake-eating, jelly-belly Potter fans.

Still, we shouldn't whine too much about Hermoany. The term 'Emma Watson Naked' has been putting Mr HM's kids through school for the past few years.  Maybe it's a love and hate thing: she doesn't know who we are and we're ambivalent towards her.

Anyway, this isn't about our relationship with Emma, it's about her relationship with everyone else. She's a helpless romantic, you see. Loves too much, heart the size of a cruise ship, emotionally engaged to everything. You get the idea. But it's not enough that she loves and loves and loves. She wants you to too. (Via Hello)

"I've always been a hopeless romantic. I think, 'Why not?' It's nice. I think there's a perception that perhaps my generation doesn't believe in romance so much. I would be tempted to disagree and say we do believe in romance, seduction and gallantry, but that courtship and the game is played in a different way."

"I think as I'm growing up, my definition of love is becoming a lot broader.

"I think you can love loads of different people in different ways. It's definitely become more broadened and encompassing than when I was ten years old and I thought there was one Prince Charming. But I don't think it's any less romantic actually."

Oh yeah, gallantry. Wonderful thing. Let us tell you, Emma Watson, gallantry and seduction are nothing but bloody trouble from start to finish. Flowers? These days, if they're not in the logo of whatever bitter we're drinking, the chances of you seeing them are pretty slim. 

Yeah, Take That, pretty yet naive celebrity strumpet.

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