21 Women Fake Orgasms in Restaurant, Recreate 'When Harry Met Sally' (Video)

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Actresses from the performance group Improv Everywhere recently recreated Meg Ryan's famous fake orgasm scene from the film "When Harry Met Sally" as part of their "Movies in Real Life" project.

First, a male and female read the exact lines of Ryan and Billy Crystal at Katz's Deli in New York City, where the famous scene was filmed (video below).

When the fake orgasm part began, 20 additional women (who were on dates with 20 men) began to loudly pretend to climax, noted Towleroad.com.

It was a surprise for customers and Katz's Deli employees, who had no idea the flash mob orgasm was planned.

Charlie Todd, who directed the scene, wrote on ImprovEverywhere.com:

We ended up doing the mission 3 times, with five minute breaks in between. We didn’t want to wear out our welcome, but the staff seemed to enjoy it more every time (and it only lasted about a minute each time.)

I had fun chatting with the staff after it was all over. They said they’ve seen people recreate the scene before one at a time, but agreed they had never seen anything close to this elaborate. We all had great dinners, and it seemed like everyone who was there had a good time.

Sources: Towleroad.com and ImprovEverywhere.com


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