20 Members of 'Goddess Temple' Sex Cult Arrested

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Phoenix, Arizona police have arrested 20 members of a sex cult called the 'Goddess Temple,' which is accused of offering sexual services online under the guise of religious services.

Authorities, who conducted undercover investigations to expose the sex ring, are still searching for 17 more suspected members.

Police also managed to dismantle the sex cult's activities in Sedona, Arizona; one of the most famous tourist cities in Arizona.

Investigators collected evidence from followers of the cult, both men and women, who reportedly have sex as part of their religious rituals.

The founder of 'Goddess Temple,' Tracy Elise was also arrested. She was previously wanted by police because she opened a prostitution ring in Seattle.  After the brothel was closed, Elise opened the 'Goddess Temple' sect.

Even if this falls under the umbrella of prostitution, if everything happens between consenting adults, should it still be considered a crime?


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