Video: Astronomical Kid Video "Stop Looking at My Moms"

The latest viral video to blow up the Internet is a song by a 14-year-old New York City hip-hop artist named Astronomical Kid. It's called "Stop Looking at my Moms," and is all about his dislike for people on the street ogling his mother. In less than two months, the video has notched up 210,000 views on YouTube.

Astro, a.k.a. Brian Bradley, from Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, began rapping when he was 10 and performs live up to three times a week. He's working on his fourth album right now: he released the previous three via the Internet.

He came up with the idea for "Stop Looking at my Moms," when he first noticed people checking out his young, attractive mother. "I didn't like the way people were staring at [her] when I walked down the street. It was very offending," he told the New York Daily News. "Women, they are not pieces of meat. They are human beings. They should be respected. Men should know better.

"I decided instead of being violent, and going about it the wrong way, I'd put it on a record. It's a track everyone can relate to. I don't like people lookin' at my moms."

The track features lyrics like "Stop looking, it ain't for your eyes to see/Stop looking, or you gon' have a problem with me," and "Don't hiss at her/Don't kiss at her/Or else I'ma hafta throw my fists atcha." In the video, Astro prowls the streets with his prepubescent crew, confronting men ogling his mother and other moms.

What does Astro's mom think of the video? "It shows he loves his mom, and he knows what it means to respect a woman," she said. "I don't think that any child wants anyone catcalling their mother. What he is trying to say is, "This is my mom, have some respect, not only for her, but for me, too". I think it's a good message."

A good message - and a great career move. This viral video may just launch Astronomical Kid into the mainstream.


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