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11-Year-Old Makes $50,000 Hockey Shot, But Dad Blows the Whistle

Is it possible to be too honest?

Nate Smith, an 11-year-old boy who won $50,000 for a miracle hockey shot, may lose the money because he pulled a last-minute switcharoo with his twin before going on the ice. Last week in Faribault, Minnesota, Nate hit a puck 89 feet down into a three-and-a-half-inch goal. The amazing goal (see video below) occurred during the half time of a charity game that featured a number of NHL players.

(Photo by CNN)

Nate’s dad paid $10 for a raffle ticket that gave the winner a shot at the $50,000, but it was Nate’s brother's name, Nick, on the ticket. Twin Nick had just gone outside when his ticket was drawn so Nate stepped on the ice to try for the cash.

The next day, the boys’ dad Pat Smith let the cat out of the bag: "I called back and said it was really Nate who made the shot. We thought honesty was the best policy, and we wanted to set a good example for our kids.”

The ownership of the prize money is up to the insurance carrier that covered the contest. "Legally it has to be the person whose name is on the ticket," said April Clark, general manager for Odds On Promotions, the tournament insurance carrier.

The Smiths say they want to use the cash for their sons’ college fund. "We don’t know what’s going to happen because the ticket said 'Nick' but Nate made the shot,” said their mom, Kim Smith.

She added that there was nothing on the ticket that said the person named on the ticket had to be the one who actually made to make the shot. “We're that hoping honesty prevails, and doing the right is always the best route,” added Pat Smith.

Would you have done what the Smiths did?  Are they beyond honest or a good example to their kids? Should they get the money?


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