Jessica Simpson Paid for Own Engagement Ring?


Yesterday when I wrote about Jessica Simpson's engagement ring, I just assumed her unemployed boyfriend paid for it, because it did not look all that great. Let me clarify. It looked plenty great for one of us, which I consider the boyfriend. Unemployed, probably would be homeless if not living with Jessica. But, for someone who has $100M, it looked, well, a little odd, and small.

It turns out that ruby in the center is 4 carats, and the ring actually came from Neil Lane and cost $100K. There is no way Jessica's boyfriend has $100K. None. He does not have it. So, then what I said yesterday about Jessica making him ask her, turns into her going out one day, buying a ring, giving it to him and telling him to ask her. Hell, at this point she might have just told him they are getting married and they are going to do it the day before Nick and Vanessa announce they are getting married.

So, basically you have Jessica paying for everything, telling the guy to ask her, and not signing a pre-nup. If I was this guy, I would tell Jessica we should hit Vegas this weekend and then on Monday morning, K-Fed can call Eric and say, "Welcome to the club." Next member - Eddie Cibrian.


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