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Tips For The GOP On How To Know When You Are At A White Supremacist Gathering

The fallout over Republican Congressman Steve Scalise who was discovered to have attended and spoken to a white supremacist conference affiliated with the KKK years ago while campaigning is not going away it seems.

The GOP leadership has circled ranks around Scalise saying he deserves the benefit of the doubt since he claims he had no idea he was talking to a conference of racists, going by the name the European-American Unity and Rights Organization. The group was founded by David Duke, the former grand dragon of the Louisiana Ku Klux Klan. Duke has added fuel to the fire noting that he and Scalise had a long relationship back in those days. Which makes it hard to believe Scalise did not know the group he was speaking to was founded by Duke.

Democratic National Committee spokesman Mo Elleithee had the best response to that:

“Seriously? He didn’t know?...The group was named the ‘European-American Unity and Rights Organization,’ it was founded by David Duke, and he was invited by two of Duke’s longtime associates. It doesn’t get much more clear than that.”


Of course Democrats have seized on this controversy to throw a wrench in the Republican momentum with the new Congress, suggesting that Scalise step down from his post as House Majority Whip. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest yesterday said, “It says a lot about Republican leaders’ priorities and values if embattled House Majority Whip Steve Scalise remains in his leadership post in the new Congress.”

But alas that is not likely to happen. House Speaker Boehner and others in the Republican party have called Scalise’s speech at the event simply an error in judgement and a mistake, especially since they are sticking to the story that he had no idea who he was talking to.

That claim is just so laughable I am amazed they are sticking with that one. But let me give the GOP and anybody else some tips I’ll call “How To Know When You Are Speaking To A Group Of Racists.”

First, if the event is organized by a former Klan leader and some of his former associates with that organization, you might be at a racist event.

Second, if the organization throwing the event has a name like European-American Unity and Rights Organization, which is code for White People’s Rights, you might be at a racist event.

Third, if everybody at the event is saying things that indicate a belief that white is right and everybody else is wrong, you might be at a racist event.

And finally, if the event is full of a huge room of nothing but white people, who all seem pretty angry about the way things are in the country, you might be at a racist event.

Oh wait, that last one is tougher. That description fits the Tea Party and most of their gatherings as well. But then again, hmm...

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