The Supreme Court Helps The Move Towards Gay Marriage By Doing Nothing


Well this time the Supreme Court did the right thing. By doing nothing, in essence.

Yesterday the Supreme Court decided it would stay out of the national same sex marriage debate which essentially allows gay marriage in 11 more states. There will now be 30 states, yeah that’s right, 30 states, where gay men and lesbian women will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of marriage. Based on the populations of those states, we are talking about nearly two-thirds of same sex couples in the United States being impacted. That is indeed reason to celebrate. Slowly but surely, we will really have a country where all of its citizens can actually enjoy equal rights. That this latest victory comes as the result of the Supreme Court actually deciding to punt the ball back to the lower courts is a bit ironic and definitely a cop-out. But however we got here, here we are. I’ll take the victory.

Frankly I have never understood why anyone would choose to deny gay and lesbian people the right to marry. I know largely the opposition to it comes from the Christian right, as evidenced by the swath of states in the Bible Belt, from Texas to Florida, pull out the tired old “God created Adam and Eve” argument. The holy sanctity of marriage argument is always interesting to me. Especially considering marriages between men and women have proven to survive only half the time, and with so much infidelity out there between heterosexuals. It seems to me we heterosexuals have done a good enough job screwing with the holy notion of marriage.

Love is love. It makes no sense to me to want to stand in the way of two people who want to profess their love to each other. It doesn’t weaken the concept of marriage that gays and lesbians can get married. On the contrary - it allows people who were already committed to one another to do what the rest of us could do legally. In other words, it allows us to stop pretending they don’t exist. It allows us to take more steps to ending the hypocrisy we allow all too often in this country when it comes to prejudice, discrimination and equality.

I really have yet to hear a logical argument against gay marriage. I hear people say letting gays get married will open the door to three people getting married if they chose to, or people marrying their pets. Basically equating gay marriage to a total free-for-all world.


Those arguments are actually just too silly to even get dragged into. So I’m not going there.

Hooray for the Supreme Court for not having the courage to enter the fight. I know that sounds strange. But hey, we’ll take progress by default considering the alternative. Marriage equality is soon to be the law from coast to coast save for a few holdout states and a minority of closed minds. It was a great start to the week indeed.


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