Mixed People: Ushering In A Post-Race Society?


By now most everyone has heard the statistic that whites will be the minority in America sometime in the near future. But I think what’s more interesting is the trend toward what is called interracial marriages and relationships leading to a fast growing population of people of Mixed race, sometimes dubbed "Mixed" people.

The way things are going I wouldn’t be surprised if Mixed people turn out to be the norm very soon and America, and the world for that matter, will begin to be filled with the people who look ethnically amibguous.

It is a world I personally will be glad to see, not only because it would mean that people must have gotten over their hang-ups about interracial dating, but also because it would pretty much destroy our outdated, stupid and man-made notion of race.

Race, as is commonly used, does not exist. It was a concept invented to categorize people - caucasoids, mongoloids and negroids. It even sounds stupid. Supposedly you fit into one of those and that was that. Well good luck with that concept now, considering it didn't even work before. There were just too many people from all the world who didn’t fit clear ideas of what a caucasian should look like, or a “negro” as was once the term. And where did Arabs fit? Or Latinos, who could be dark, light or in between?

It was all just a psuedo-scientific bunch of baloney that for some reason people still cling to. The number of Mixed race people is increasing rapidly. According to the 2010 Census, people who reported a background of mixed race grew by 32% to 9 million between 2000 and 2010. In comparison, single-race population increased 9.2%. That same Census showed that interracial and interethnic marriages grew by 28% over the decade. And this is not just an American thing by the way. In Britain, in their 2011 census the biggest single increase was in the number of people claiming a mixed-ethnic background. Among children under the age of five, 6% had a mixed background—more than belonged to ANY other minority group.

But it doesn't just come down to numbers - it also comes down to the prominence of Mixed people that hints at a brighter future. Our President is Mixed and many major movie stars and athletes are Mixed. Derek Jeter and Matt Kemp in baseball. Russell Wilson and Arian Foster in football. Halle Berry, Vin Diesel, The Rock in film, Adriana Lima in modeling. Rihanna, Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey in music. Soledad O’Brien in news. In Britain, the face of the 2012 Olympics, spread all over the country, was of a Mixed athlete, Jessica Ennis. The list goes on and on.

Such prominence tells me these people are not only being accepted but are actually being sought after. The ability of Mixed people to blend across previous ethnic boundaries clearly helps with their broad appeal. Mixed people are ushering in a new era where old definitions of how we define people will have to change, our racism will be brought into question, as will our concepts of beauty and politics. It is a brave new world and I for one am so glad to see it coming. The more we blend the more we should understand about one another since we will share so much.


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