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How Anti-Men Messages Are Hurting The Feminist Movement

I consider myself to be a feminist - a man that completely supports equal rights for women in every way, and who believes gender equality is an important goal.

But I also am sick and tired of so much anti-man messaging that is being wrongly associated with the feminist movement. Right now, between all the hype over the Minneapolis and New York catcalling videos and for a time the “Drunk Girl In Hollywood” video, which has now been determined to have been staged, there is public outcry from these fringe anti-men groups that men are just plain pigs who make life miserable for all women.

The “men are pigs” movement uses these videos to “prove” that not only are women being held back in terms of the glass ceiling, but that men are oppressive even on the street. My problem with these videos and all the talk is that I am afraid they are alienating a lot of good men who know what these extremists are saying by no means represents all men. Even before the Drunk Girl video was found to be fake, it was obvious that something wasn’t truthful about it. And now that it has been outed, it makes you wonder, why in the world would anyone want to create such a fake video in an attempt to taint the behavior of men? Ironically, the creator of this video was, in fact, male.

The obvious answer is he knew this whole “let’s tape men being pigs” meme was popular and he wanted his video and his work to jump on that train and get his 15 minutes of popularity.

But that brings up the problem with all these videos and the whole meme in general. These videos and the actions of some men should not taint the reputation of the whole gender. Another problem with this movement, if it can be called that, is that it creates confusion about what is ok and what is not. It is not really educating anyone by just showing examples of bad behavior.

I read an interesting post on Instagram yesterday that summed up this crazy situation we find ourselves in today, partly thanks to this anti-man meme being pushed by the extremists of the feminist movement. It went along the lines of:

“We have gotten to the place where politeness is mistaken for flirtation.”

A guy can’t say hello or compliment a woman without being labeled a bad person, according to this movement. All comments, all looks are not meant as a form of oppression or done with sexual intent in mind. It’s too bad anti-men sector of the feminist movement is making such an effort to brand all of us as nothing more than perverts who never know what it means to be a gentleman or to how to stand in support of women. Instead of continually attacking men, the feminist movement should be looking to educate men on gender equality.

Photo Credit:, Mother Jones


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