Civility 101

The Basics

There's nothing more compelling than passionate people discussing the issues they care about. That's why Opposing Views encourages intelligent dialogue, heated debate, witty banter and even a little verbal jousting.

However, many of our issues are serious and sensitive in nature. Chances are you'll encounter a few views that make your cranium combust. It's at those moments that lively conversation can quickly cross a line and turn unproductive, ugly or even abusive.

We call that line Civility 101.

Civility 101 isn't about censorship—it's about creating a place where personal attacks, insults or threats are seen as absolutely unacceptable. Discourse should be civil and useful, and it should always focus on the ideas instead of the groups and individuals behind those ideas.

Accordingly, anyone who participates on Opposing Views will not:

  • Abuse, threaten or verbally attack an Opposing Views group or user.
  • Post libelous, irrelevant, obscene or pornographic material.
  • Send spam to any Opposing Views group or user.
  • Artificially increase or interfere with any OV rankings.
  • Impersonate another Opposing Views user.
  • Infringe on any copyright laws.

Opposing Views is a source for original and aggregated news from across the political spectrum and values the integrity of our community and all those who come here looking for meaningful, intelligent and thoughtful conversation. We are adamant about enforcing Civility 101 and welcome any reported violations.