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Zoo Tries to Pass Off Dog as 'African Lion' (Video)

The People's Park of Luohe, a zoo located in the central province of Henan in China, recently tried to pass off a dog as an "African lion."

Apparently, the barking gave the pooch away, noted the International Business Times (video below).

When tourists started complaining, the zoo finally admitted the fraud: the African lion was a Tibetan mastiff.

"The zoo is absolutely cheating us. They are trying to disguise the dogs as lions. To use a dog to impersonate a lion is definitely an insult to tourists," Sharon Liu told the Beijing Youth Daily

The head of the zoo, Liu Suya, claimed the dog was temporarily in the lion cage for safety reasons and was owned by a zoo employee.

"The African lions will be back. They went to another zoo to breed," added Suya.

The zoo also wrongly labeled other animals or placed them in the wrong cages.

Another dog was in a wolf cage, while a leopard cage held a white fox, reported the Beijing Youth Daily.

Source: International Business Times


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