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Zimmerman Prosecutor John Guy Uses F-Bomb in Opening Statement

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The prosecution began the George Zimmerman trial with a provocative opening argument today by directly reading profanity from one of Zimmerman’s statements.

“F---ing punks,” prosecutor John Guy said, quoting Zimmerman's words to a 911 dispatcher. “These a--holes, they always get away.”

The all-female jury seemed to be shocked by Guy’s opening statement, taking notes and nodding in agreement to the prosecution’s portrayal of Zimmerman.

Obscene language is rare for open court hearings, which Guy acknowledged when he apologized for his language. However, he reiterated that the words he had read were Zimmerman’s alone.

Guy closed his opening statement by calling Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense a tangled web of lies. He added that Zimmerman did not shoot Martin because he had to but because he chose to do so.

Don West, Zimmerman’s attorney, opened with a knock-knock joke in an awkward attempt to counter Guy’s heavy accusations. When the joke failed to amuse the jury, West began to portray both Zimmerman and Martin as victims.

“The young man lost his life," West said. "Another is fighting for his. The evidence will show that this is a sad case. There are no monsters here.”

The defense is expected to argue that Zimmerman’s decision to shoot Martin had nothing to do with racial profiling. Instead, the defense will argue that Zimmerman felt uneasy after a series of neighborhood break-ins and acted in defense of himself and the neighborhood.

Sources: Fox News,Business Insider


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