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Zimbabwean Father Miraculously Frees His Son From The Jaws Of A Crocodile

An 11-year-old Zimbabwean child is alive today because his father was able to fight off a crocodile with his bare hands after the enormous predator grabbed his son.

Here is how heroic father, Tafadzwa Kachere, described the fight.

“When we were coming from the garden, I was walking in front and the boy was following me. After crossing the river, I heard the boy screaming for help and I rushed to rescue him. I could see him struggling to free himself as the crocodile kept on holding on to his leg.”

Then, Kachere jumped in.

“I took the risk and dived into the water and joined the fight trying to force open the jaws with my hands. I failed to open the crocodile’s mouth and resorted to poking its mouth with reeds while seated on its back. I instructed my son to hold on to the reeds as I continued poking into the crocodile’s mouth until it released the boy.”

After the beast released his son, it turned on Kachere.

“I struggled with it until we both got out of the water and I was still on top of it. I poked its eyes several times until it released my injured hand,” he said.

Both Kachere and his son were injured in the fight. Kachere’s son lost his leg to the crocodile’s jaws, but obviously this whole ordeal could have ended much worse. Kachere is now asking anyone who sympathizes with his story to help raise money for a prosthetic leg for his son.

“I appeal to well-wishers for assistance in the purchase of an artificial leg for my son. He still wants to go to school and up to now he still thinks he will get his leg back,” he said.

I think this year’s World’s Best Dad Award was just won. You are an incredible man, Mr. Kachere.

Sources: Metro, UPI


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