Zimbabwe Villagers Try To Force Out School Headmaster Because They Believe He Owns Goblins


Villagers are forcing a Zimbabwe school headmaster out of his position because they claim he owns goblins that have been sexually abusing teachers for some time.

According to reports, Ekuphakameni Secondary School Headmaster Peter Moyo is being accused of owning goblins that terrorize people at night. Female teachers at the school claim that for a while, they’ve had recurring dreams about having sex with someone, and when they would awake from the dream, they’d notice signs that they actually had sex during the night. In addition, multiple male teachers have claimed they’ve woken up wearing female underwear and say the only reasonable explanation is that goblins are terrorizing them.

Villagers claim that weird things have been going on in the area since the 1990s when Moyo was hired at the school.

A cleansing ceremony called Wafawafa was held at the school earlier this month, and many say that it has actually done some good for the village.

“Things have normalized [sic] now since the cleansing ceremony was held, but as community we have requested the Ministry of Education to transfer Mr Moyo to another school,” said village head Emmanuel Chasokela Maseko. “We can’t live in the same area with such a man. The strange happenings may recur and this time maybe spread to the community if this man is kept here. He should just go and start another life elsewhere.”

Villagers report that during the cleansing ceremony, officials found evidence that Moyo had been practicing witchcraft. The official complaint against Moyo has been filed, and now, villagers are waiting patiently to see if the Ministry of Education will kick the headmaster out.

“What we don’t want is a situation where we would have to chase him away on our own,” said villager Esther Ntini. “When we conducted the cleansing ceremony we notified the police and the District Education Office, so we feel that the same authorities are responsible for transferring Moyo. If they don’t act on time, we will make a follow-up and see to it that our request is heard.”

One person involved with the cleansing ceremony claims that Moyo admitted to being responsible for the strange happenings and describes why they believe he owns goblins.

“After we conducted the cleansing ceremony we were led to Moyo’s house where we recovered reeds, herbs, tree roots and many strange items from his wardrobe," said Gogo Mandebele. "We questioned him and he admitted that he was the one responsible for what was happening at the school. Those things that we recovered would turn into human-like creatures or goblins at night and would terrorise the teachers. We took those items and burnt them. For now things are normal but we feel Moyo should be transferred with immediate effect before these things return."

Reports claim that many villagers have already left town out of fear for their lives.


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