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Zemenay D. Auditore Arrested After Calling 911 For Holiday Shopping Assistance At Mall

Add this one to the list of unnecessary calls to 911.

A woman in Massachusetts was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after calling 911 with a request for police to push her around a mall so she could shop.

Zemenay D. Auditore reportedly had complained of a leg injury and requested a wheelchair from Northshore Mall security, who then pushed her to the Apple store and back to her car, according to the Eagle-Tribune. After getting to her car, Auditore apparently asked to be pushed back to the Apple Store, but security told her they couldn’t do that as they were too busy.

Soon after, the 35-year-old Auditore apparently called 911 requesting police assistance to push her around the mall and according to entry notes in the Peabody Police log, “Female was spoken to by (an officer) about the proper use for 911 and the consequences of calling it again for frivolous issues,” the Daily Item reported.

However, Auditore apparently contacted authorities again, this time “requesting an EMS unit for transport,” police wrote. “Officer is now requesting a supervisor and backup for an out-of-control female.”

The Rockport woman was then taken into custody without further incident, police reported.

Sources: Eagle-Tribune, Daily Item


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