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Zara's Striped Shirts Resemble Holocaust Victim Uniforms

The clothing chain Zara pulled its children's “sheriff” shirt this week after stunned shoppers said it resembled uniforms worn by Holocaust victims in concentration camps.

The striped shirt’s “badge” was a six-pointed star resembling the Star of David badges Jewish people were forced to wear by the Nazis during World War II.

Today the retail store, which is part of he world’s biggest clothing retailer Inditex, apologized for the shirt.

“The item in question has now been removed from all Zara stores and,” a spokesperson said. “The garment was inspired by the classic Western films, but we now recognize that the design could be seen as insensitive and apologize sincerely for any offence caused to our customers.”

In 2007, Zara removed a line of handbags after a British customer pointed out they had swastikas on them, according to the Daily Mail.

“We did not realize swastikas appeared on some of these bags, the swastika was not on the bag which was sourced by us after being supplied by an external producer,” a Zara spokesperson said.

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(via Daily Mail)

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Sources: Daily Mail, Mediaite

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