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Zachary Weston Arrested for Stabbing his Grandmother 111 Times, Removing her Organs

Zachary Weston is accused of stabbing his grandmother Joyce Dexter, 84, in her Salt Lake City, Utah home and then removing her organs.

Police were called Dexter’s home on Oct.3 to investigate a domestic disturbance.  They found Weston standing over his grandmother’s body, holding a bloody knife, reports Deseret News.

Weston reportedly confessed to police that he “stabbed his grandma” and “slit her belly, her jugular and her heart.”

Dexter was stabbed 111 times in the heart, according medical examiners, who claimed that several of her organs were missing.

Weston has been changed with of aggravated murder, two counts of assault, interfering with a police officer during an arrest, battery and making a false alarm.

Court documents state that Weston was previously arrested for assaulting his mother, his father, a female that tried to defend his father and an employee at the University Neuropsychiatric Institute of University Hospital, where Weston was ordered to go per a plea agreement, after hitting his mother.


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