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Yuri Sucart To Sue Cousin Alex Rodriguez For $5 Million?

Yuri Sucart, the cousin of Alex Rodriguez, is considering suing his superstar relative after the Yankee designated hitter claimed he gave him performance-enhancing drugs.

Sucart has consulted with Miami attorney John Ruiz about the possibility of filing a lawsuit. “I know there’s a lot of friction. I know that (Sucart’s) name got caught in the crossfire of all the allegations involving all the performance-enhancing drugs,” Ruiz said. “I’ve been consulted about it. But obviously because there’s an attorney/client relationship, I can’t really divulge details.”

According to The Daily News, Sucart will seek $5 million in damages. It has been reported that Rodriguez has turned down a settlement proposal. A spokesman for the slugger declined to comment on the matter.

Ruiz says that Sucart has revealing information about Rodriguez. “I know he was working for (A-Rod) for quite some time,” he said. “There is information that he has — I guess, only he knows. The public doesn’t know. I’m not at liberty to discuss it as of this point in time.”

Major League Baseball and the DEA have been investigating whether A-Rod obtained performance-enhancing drugs from a Coral Gables anti-aging clinic operated by Anthony Bosch. Sucart’s name has surfaced during the course of that investigation.

Sucart has retained Ruiz’s services in the past during a foreclose proceeding. He said that Sucart would not be filing a defamation suit, at least not on his watch. “I’m not sure that I would represent (Sucart) if that’s the course of action he would take. That’s where we are.”

He continued:

“I see (Sucart) pretty often. He has consulted with me here and there. But there’s no specific course of action that’s been contemplated as of this point in time, at least with me. There are two things: does a client have a case and do you want to do it? Right now, I don’t know (the answer to) either of them.”

Source: (The Daily News)


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