Social Experiment Shows Prejudices After Poor Man And Businessman Collapse On Street

A new social experiment video compares how people react to a stranger in need based on their appearance.

The 3-minute film, titled “The Importance of Appearances,” created by YouTuber NorniTUBE begins with a man who seems to be homeless – dressed in jeans, an old gray jacket and a knit cap – starting to cough before collapsing on a busy street in Paris and begging passersby for help.

Five minutes go by and people just walk past the man, who is considered to be too unimportant to help, AATTP.org notes.

"What if it was you?" the film asks. "What if nobody stopped by to help you when you're in need?"

In the second instance, the same man is wearing a business suit and also falls onto the pavement, but this time people are quick to assist him.

"Sir can you hear me? Try to talk to me sir! Say something!" a woman calls out.

"I've never been so sad and shocked while filming as I was for this experience," the video's description reads. "I hope this video will make you want to help anyone regardless of its appearance."

The film also includes a clip from a 2008 incident when a woman collapsed in a New York hospital's waiting room floor, where she later died after being left for 45 minutes, 7online.com reported.

“The fact that everyone ignores doesn't mean it's the right thing to do,” the film says. “It is by simple and heroic actions that we begin to appreciate the true meaning of the word 'humanity.'”

The film, which has garnered over three million views since it was uploaded on May 12, ends with a well-known quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Watch the video below:


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