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YouTube Celeb's Car Smashed While He Stops NYC Traffic (Video)

A YouTube celebrity learned the hard way not to needlessly stop a luxury car in the middle of New York City traffic if you don't want it getting smashed (video below).

Coby Persin, whose prank and social experiment videos have 2.7 million YouTube subscribers, found that for once the joke was on him when he and a camera crew stopped in the middle of a busy New York street for a makeshift photoshoot.

In the video, which was originally uploaded to Persin's Twitter page on Nov. 27 but has since made the rounds on YouTube, Persin and another individual are stopped in the street, with a line of cars waiting behind them, as the pair stands in front of a gold BMW i8 that has its scissor doors open and pointing up.

They pose for the camera against the hood of the car for around 30 seconds when somebody comes running out from behind the car with a baseball bat. The pair run away, and the man smashes the car's windshield in one fell swoop. He then walks back to where he came from, which is likely a car that has been waiting in the stopped lane for too long.

"Was doing photoshoot in NYC and this crazy guy comes out with a Bat and Smashed my Windshield!!" reads the caption under Persin's video post.

The incident has elicited a number of reactions, but few were sympathetic.

"Can't believe the people of new york don't have time to stop and let him take pics with his car this is so unlike them," quipped one Twitter user sarcastically in response to the video.

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A few expressed disapproval for the angry New Yorker that others have hailed as a hero, but even those responses were measured.

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"I mean what he did was crossing the line but unless you had permission to park in the middle of the street then [you're] kinda in the wrong too," commented another Twitter user.

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Others questioned whether the incident was staged, especially as the bat-wielding man was careful to hit only the front windshield, taking great care to avoid the expensive gold body.

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Whether or not it was staged, the moral here is pretty clear: impromptu photoshoots in New York City come with consequences.

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