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Team Thrown Out Of League For Offensive Jerseys

Team Thrown Out Of League For Offensive Jerseys Promo Image

A recreational basketball team has been ejected from a league after its players wore jerseys deemed offensive.

Kings Recreational Basketball Team was competing in the Cincinnati Premier Youth Basketball League Jan. 7 when the incident occurred, WXIX reported.

The team's jerseys stated on the front that they were the "Wet Dream Team," which some observers interpreted as having sexual overtones.

In place of their names, some players had words printed on the backs of their jerseys such as "Knee Grow" and "Coon."

"It's a racial thing," Tony Rue, a parent of one of the players on the opposing team, told WXIX. "It's a bullying thing. It's everything wrapped into one."

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The CPYBL decided to halt the game and throw Kings Recreational Basketball Team out of the league.

"They were trying to say it was their last name, it was in joking fashion," added Rue. "Then their parents came over, and they were mad about paying the $7 entry fee and not completing the game."

However, Rue was not only troubled by the fact that the high school students were wearing the jerseys.

"I couldn't have made this up and had anyone believed me, I couldn't have," he told WCPO. "You're talking eight, nine layers of people and adults seeing these jerseys and thinking it's just a joke."

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The incident also drew the attention of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Cincinnati. Joe Mallory, first vice president of the NAACP in Cincinnati, had a message for the kids involved.

"This is a teachable moment for them to understand how these words are hurtful," Mallory stated. "They're inflammatory, and they're divisive to the entire community."

He agreed that the students were not the only ones involved.

"It's everybody's problem," added Mallory. "It's everybody's business that when these things happen we all stand up and speak out on it."

A spokeswoman for the Kings Local School District said she could not confirm whether students would be disciplined due to privacy laws.

"Today we became aware of inappropriate conduct from a team of students participating in a recreational basketball league that is not affiliated with the Kings Local School District," a statement from the district noted, according to WXIX. "This team has been restricted from any further use of district facilities. Kings Local Schools strongly condemns any type of hateful and racist commentary. This behavior is in no way welcome or tolerated in our schools and community."

Sources: WXIX, WCPO / Featured Image: DebateLord/Wikimedia Commons / Embedded Images: Hlynz/Wikimedia Commons, Jbowie17/Wikimedia Commons

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