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You're Pronouncing All Of These Brand Names Wrong (Video)

You’re walking through the mall and you see a nice pair of shoes in a window. They have three stripes on the side and the word “Adidas” on them. How do you pronounce that word? If you’re like most Americans, you say “Uh-dee-das.” Well guess what, smart guy? You’re saying it wrong.

The pronunciation police over at Business Insider rule with an iron fist, and they want you to know you sound really silly when you mispronounce a handful of everyday brands. Case in point: Adidas. It’s supposed to be pronounced AH-deed-as.

Here are a bunch of other brands you’re probably mispronouncing: Stella Artois, Zagat, Saucony, and Porsche. Don’t believe me? Watch this:

Sources: Business Insider, YouTube / Photo: Screenshot


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