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Man High On 'Black Mamba' Drug Unable To Speak (Video)

A video of a British man, thought to be high on a synthetic street drug, is circulating online and raising concerns about a growing problem (video below).

The video was captured by a passerby, the Daily Mail reported. It shows a man lying on the ground in the streets of Birmingham, unable to speak.

The man is believed to be under the influence of a street drug named Black Mamba. The passerby filming the man offers him help, but the man appears to be incoherent.

"Have you taken anything at all?" the passerby asks the man, who is unable to sit up or talk. "Do you want me to ring you an ambulance? Are you sure? You're lying in the middle of the road though, mate."

The short clip ends with the man lying on the ground, still unable to respond. It is unknown what became of the man, or if he got any medical treatment.

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Social media users reacted to the disturbing video.

"This is very sad to see what is happening in Great Britain," wrote one commenter. "It is hard to believe that Great Britain had the largest empire in history and, for over a century, was the foremost global power. Remember how proud you were to be British. Gone are the days of the Empire Builders and their Gin and Tonic's on the Croquet Lawns of British India. So here we are the streets of Britain littered with drugged out Zombies. What happened to the Great British Stiff Upper Lip and the bowler and brolly brigade. Get a grip Britain and man up to what is happening to your country."

"Legalizing won't help anything," wrote another. "To many want the next thrill. The thought it could kill them gives them a rush. Sad thing is they have nothing else in life to give them meaning. How pathetic!"

The video highlights a growing problem in Britain's cities, in which homeless people are abusing psychoactive drugs such as Black Mamba or Spice, according to the Daily Mail. The drugs are also a common problem in the country's prisons.

At least four people were hospitalized in December 2016 after collapsing from smoking a cigarette made from the lethal Black Mamba at a Christmas market in the city, Metro reported.

"Non-stop already," paramedic Mike Duggan tweeted. "Multiple collapses at the German Market due to people taking Black Mamba, a 'new psychoactive substance.'"

The drug is a synthetic cannabinoid made from dried plants sprayed with chemicals. It was criminalized in February 2013 in the U.K., and labeled a Class B drug. It can be rolled into a cigarette and reportedly does not show up on standard drug tests.

"Can honestly say after all these years I think that was the worst shift I’ve ever worked," Duggan added. "It was stupidly busy and relentless."

The people who were hospitalized were treated and have since recovered.

Sources: Daily Mail, Metro / Photo credit: Daily Mirror, Facebook via Daily Mail

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