Young Woman Shocks Grandmother With Lesbian Relationship (Video)


An unidentified young woman recently told her grandmother that she is a lesbian and has a girlfriend.

The grandmother's shock and bewilderment was recorded on video (below) by her granddaughter who posted it on YouTube where it has gone viral with over 100,000 views.

The video begins with the grandmother not believing that her granddaughter isn't having sex with the girlfriend.

"So what kind of relationship is this?" asks the grandmother.

The granddaughter replies that she only kisses her girlfriend.

"And just on the lips?" asks the grandma. "That's bull---. That is bull---- and you know it. You don't kiss just her lips with those lips. That is bull----. What else do you kiss?"

The senior later recalls her sex life with her husband.

"I only had one thing when we got married, that hole, he went in it and that was the end of it," states the grandmother, notes "That's how I got pregnant!"

"I know grandma," says the embarrassed granddaughter.

"Well, you ain't gonna get pregnant with her!" adds the grandma. "She puts her tongue in there?"

"She doesn't put her tongue in there, grandma," replies the granddaughter. "I don't put my tongue in hers, grandma."

The youngster then tells her grandmother that she wouldn't know about lesbians because she's 90.

When the granddaughter announces her intentions to marry her girlfriend, the grandmother says she married a man because "that's the way God made the world."

"God made me the way I am," insists the young woman. "[God] doesn't care, Grandma."

The grandmother reminds her granddaughter that she never heard about God telling women to marry each other.

"But I don't care," says the granddaughter.

"As long as you got your girlfriend, you don't care about God?" asks the elderly woman.

"Pretty much," replies the granddaughter.

According to, the comments on YouTube include:

Pretty sure grandma knows exactly what happens during lesbian sex…

To be fair, the granddaughter is straight-up lying about what she does and doesn’t do. Unless she’s in the most boring, no-touchy lesbian relationship ever.

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