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Young Woman Arrested for Killing Her Rapist, Jailed Without Medical Attention

When two men abducted and raped a 20-year-old girl, intending to kill her, she fought back, stabbing one of her abductors and escaping to a nearby ice cream shop. Yakiri Aupart Ruby Rubio’s ordeal, however, is far from over; she was arrested for killing her abductor, and now waits in jail.

On December 29, the streets of Mexico City filled with protestors demanding she be freed.

Brothers Miguel Angel Rodriguez Anaya and Luis Omar Anaya took the girl to a hotel room on December 19, 2013, where they tortured her sexually and physically. After raping her, Miguel Anaya, preparing to kill her, stabbed the girl; but Yakiri fought for control of the knife, and stabbed her attacker instead.

Both men fled from the room. Miguel Angel Anaya died from the injury.

The girl, half-clothed and screaming, ran to an ice cream shop, where she asked that someone call the police. Upon arrival, the police began their search for Yakiri’s assailants.

When they caught Luis Omar Anaya, Anaya accused the girl of killing his brother. The police arrested Yakiri, and she was sent to jail.

Apart from a paramedic treating the stab wound in her arm, she has received no further medical attention for her injuries. In addition, although Mexican law stipulates that rape victims be given a thorough examination for sexually transmitted diseases and an emergency contraception pill to prevent any possible pregnancies, Yakiri has been denied both.

Sources: Revolution News, Demotix

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