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Young Woman Arrested For Kicking Boyfriend's Son To Death


A young Seattle woman was arrested after reportedly kicking her boyfriend’s 17-month-old son to death.

According to reports, 20-year-old Alicia Joni Goemaat lost her temper and kicked the boy, Drue Lehto, in the stomach. She admitted to police that after kicking the baby down to the ground, she kicked him one more time — causing fatal injuries.

One week before the incident, the boy was treated for unusual bruises and scratches at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

The kicking allegedly occurred after Goemaat’s own son became involved in a fight with the infant over a toy. She admitted to authorities that she became angry as a result of the incident between the two boys and lost her temper.

When Derek Lehto returned home from the store, his son was already dead. 

Goemaat, according to a police report, had a history of screaming at Lehto’s son. Friends told police that she would often become “agitated” by the boy when he would cry and “physically punish” him by spanking or flicking him.

“OUT OF THE 20 YEARS OF MY LIFE KNOWING MY SISTER ALICIA JONI GOEMAAT AKA AJ..... I honestly would never think my sister aj would ever do anything LIKE THIS to a baby she took such good care of her OWN son and worked hard WITCH I NEVER GOT TO MEET OR SEEN WHAT HE LOOK LIKES YET,” Goemaat’s brother, Allen Shafer, wrote on Facebook after her arrest.

“This does break my heart hearing about it been making me in tears seeing my own sister all over the web.”

Goemaat was arrested on suspicion of second-degree murder, and is currently in jail on $1 million bond.

Sources: Daily Mail, KIRO TV / Photo credit:


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