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Young Thief Discovered After Taking Selfies With Stolen Phone, Uploading Them To Facebook

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A young iPhone thief’s love of selfies got her in trouble with the law after the phone’s original owner received a number of the girl’s selfies on her own Facebook feed.

The thief, who hasn’t been identified because she’s a minor, was continuously taking selfies, which popped up on Rawley Bingham’s Facebook feed because her phone pictures are automatically sent to a private Facebook folder.

Bingham thought the phone was gone for good after being stolen at a bar until Monday, when she logged into Facebook. By then, Bingham had 13 pictures of the thief.

“It actually becomes a lot more plausible for me to get it back when she starts posting selfies,” Bingham said.

Bingham said there were a lot of pictures of the girl in downtown Denver.

“She had a great Sunday,” Bingham said.

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When Bingham discovered that the thief was responding to her friends using the Facebook app, she posted a status to the social media platform warning of the imposter. When one of Bingham friend’s unknowingly texted the number asking for a ride to the airport, the thief responded but never followed through.

When the Denver police department attempted to call the phone, the person who responded said the phone would be returned but never attempted to hand it over.

According to the thief’s mother, who talked to KUSA-TV, she planned to turn it over to police on Friday.

It’s unclear if the 17-year-old thief will faces charges for the theft.

Sources: USA Today, Techworm / Photo Credit: USA Today


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