Young Sunbathers Have Community of Parents Outraged for Taking Over Park

Sun bathers at a Manhattan park have many New York families angry, as their children wanted to play on the field but were not able to.

The Stuyvesant Town development consists of a grassy area kids often use for playing soccer and other games, but now that summer is just around the corner, many of the community's young residents have laid down their towels in hopes of getting sun-kissed skin.

The bikini-clad women have many mothers upset, taking to blogs to vent out their frustrations.

"A lot of side boob on the playground this weekend," an anonymous resident wrote on The Stuyvesant Town Report blog.

The author of the blog vented about the sunbathers, who "effectively push[ed] out the kids who wanted access to that playground."

"What was more absurd is that yesterday was on the chilly side, making these self-entitled yahoos look very stupid indeed. This playground should NOT be used for sunbathing. We've heard that complaints were made, and now it's time for management to show some balls. Think of the children!" the blogger wrote.

But the young women who tan on the grass say there is no reason to be angry.

"A body's a body, and they need to get over themselves," Katie Friedman, 23, said. She moved into the pricey development in August.

"I pay just as much rent as they do. Just because I don't have a child doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to be here."

On Marymount Manhattan College student, Kaya Gieniusz, said the price of living there should enable them to use everything the community offers.

"We pay outrageous money to live here. Let us sunbathe for a few hours," she said.

The complex charges up to $3,555 for a one bedroom.

The head of the tenants association, Susan Steinberg, has even suggested banning two-pieces.

"This used to be a very strait-laced community," she said. "The sunbathing is tasteless, it's not very classy, and it doesn't belong in a mixed residential development."

Sources: Daily Mail, CBS


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