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Young Mother, Infant Son Found Dead Inside Home


A mother and her baby son were found dead inside a Millvale, Pennsylvania, apartment on Friday morning.

Sara Kessler, 22, and her 10-month-old son, Casey, were discovered by the young mother's brother, Matt Knaus, after he went to the apartment to check on her. Authorities said there were no signs of foul play, and officials believe that Kessler may have overdosed. Casey likely died of starvation following his mother's death. 

"She was found in the bedroom on the bed. Unknown causes at this time. She's a very young girl; 22 years old. She lived there alone with her baby," Assistant Police Superintendent Jim Morton said. "The baby was found in the living room. It looked like he was trying to get around somehow by himself for who knows how long." According to police, Kessler and her son were the only two occupants on the second floor of their apartment complex, making it unlikely that anyone would have heard baby Casey if he had cried.

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"Can you imagine a little baby, laying there not knowing?" Stacey Burns, a visitor at the complex, said in response to the incident.

Authorities said Kessler's mother died in the same apartment last November, reportedly of natural causes. 

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