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Young Mother Fights Off Home Invaders With Her Hands, A Hammer, And A Shotgun

A young mother in Georgia fought back against home intruders with the use of her hands, a hammer, and a shotgun.

Kayla Walker, 19, was home alone with her 10-month-old son when she heard a noise at the back door.

When she went to check the door, it was pulled open by a man trying to get inside.

"But by the time I got in here, they was coming in and I was pushing them back out as hard as I could," Walker said.

Walker was knocked to the ground when another man pushed both of them inside.

One man allegedly straddled her and began beating her in the face.

He reportedly said racial slurs to her such as “stupid white (expletive).”

Walker fought back, targeting a very sensitive place on the man’s body.

"I head-butted him, then grabbed his privates and I reached up an started choking him," Walker recalled to investigators, reports WALB.

Walker choked the man until she thought he was unconscious, but he was not and the fight continued.

That was when Walker grabbed a hammer and hit the man several times in the head and on his body with it.

Managing to escape, Walker ran to the bedroom with her child.

She then grabbed a shotgun and pointed it at both men.

Walker told deputies that she tried to shoot the men but there was no shell in the gun chamber, reports WNEM. Still, the sight of the gun alone seemed to have done the trick.

The men ran from the home into the woods.

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Walker sustained several bruises and scratches from the attack, but was not severely injured.

She is encouraging others to fight back in the same manner should this happen to them.

"If this would have happened to a younger girl, they probably would not have fought back," Walker said. "They just need to know- don't give up, fight back to the fullest no matter what."

One of the alleged home intruders has been identified by Walker in a photo line up. No arrests have been made at this time.

Photo Source: WALB


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