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Young Mother Accused of Using Baby to Shield Herself From Police in Texas Walmart

A 24-year-old mother was arrested for child endangerment and theft at a Texas Walmart last week, after she used her baby to shield herself from officers and then abandoned the child at the superstore.

While trying to escape from officers at Walmart, Kristen Reeves reportedly held the baby between herself and the police, and, at one point in the incident, the baby’s head hit a fire extinguisher, according to MSN.

Reeves’s criminal record shows she’s not new to theft, as she has been arrested three times before for stealing, according to KVUE News.

At the Walmart, Reeves reportedly stole a cell phone and then tried to return it to receive a refund, causing officers to approach and question her.

Elaine Cauthen, a family friend of Reeves, said the 24-year-old is the mother of two other children — a 3-year-old who lives with grandparents and a 7-year-old who lives in foster care.

Cauthen said she has known Reeves her entire life and even let Reeves and her baby stay at her house for a year because Reeves didn’t have a job or home.

“(Reeves) means well, but I think she needs some guidance,” Cauthen said.”It’s a sad situation really, but she kind of needs a mother to take care of her.”

After Reeves left her child at the Walmart, she returned later to retrieve her and was arrested.

Reeves’s 15-month-year-old is currently living with a relative as the police investigation continues.

Sources: MSN, KVUE News


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