See It: Elderly Man Schools Young MMA Fighter (Video)


A recent viral video proves that some people should never be counted out because of their age.

In the clip, a young MMA fighter steps into the ring ready to fight and seems surprised when an elderly man goes up against him. The old guy appears to have experience fighting, as he doesn’t seem nervous and slaps his face to prepare himself for battle.

At first, the younger and clearly more physically fit fighter tries to go easy on the older gentleman, but that strategy quickly goes south when his opponent starts to wail on him. The young MMA fighter throws a couple of punches at his opponent, but the man stealthily ducks from them and begins to wail on him. By the end of the clip, the old guy knocks out the younger fighter, clearly proving that a book should never be judged by its cover.

Check out the epic fight below!

Sources: Mad World News, The Grand Report


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