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Young Missouri Hunter Hits Two Deer With One Shot

A 7-year-old Missouri hunter taking part in a youth hunting weekend with his father reportedly killed two deer with one shot Jan. 2.

Cash Koch was taking part in his first hunting season with his father Eryc, according to the New York Daily News.

When he fired a rifle shot, Cash thought he had struck a deer. But when he reached the animal with Eryc,they quickly realized he had got two.

“Cash was stunned!” his mother, Megan, told the Daily News.

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She added that the animals were butchered following the hunt, and the venison meat was stored in the family freezer. Both father and son would be enjoying it for their lunch this week, Megan said.

During the two days for young hunters, more than 2,000 deer were shot across the state, according to the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC).

The MDC regulates hunting by allowing different weapons to be used during set periods of the year. Statewide archery hunting of deer is permitted until Jan. 15.

Prior to the youth weekend, a 10-day season for alternative weapons ran from Dec. 19 to 29, when hunters were permitted to use centerfire pistols, muzzleloading firearms, air-powered guns, bows, crossbows and atlatls.

There is also a season for regular firearms.

Between 252,000 and 314,000 deer have been shot in the state overall during each of the past three hunting seasons, according to the Columbia Missourian. The final total for 2015-16 is not yet finalized.

Sources: New York Daily News, Columbus Missourian / Photo credit: Facebook via New York Daily News

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