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Young Man Smacks Elderly Woman With Snowball In Disturbing Attack (Video)

Police in Rochester, New York are investigating a video that surfaced online showing a young man smacking a woman in the side of a head as she exits a convenience store.

The video (via Davy V) shows the teenager holding a snowball in his hand outside of the store and waiting to hit the elderly woman as soon as she comes outside.

As soon as the lady exits, the suspect walks over, with the snowball in his hand, and hits her hard on the side of her head.

The suspect and the person filming the incident start to run away from the scene while camera’s operator says they have to get out of there quickly, before the police come.

Well, police have now reportedly identified whom they believe to be the perpetrators and say they plan to interview them. According to reports, police have not yet been able to identify the victim.

Sources: Democrat and Chronicle, Davy V


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