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Young Man Loses TV, Gaming Systems, Expensive Sneakers Because He Skipped School

A young man featured on the popular social media page Humans of New York recently shared a story about receiving some tough love from his mom.

According to the Facebook page, the anonymous student told photographer and interviewer Brandon Stanton:

My mom found out I was skipping school. When I came home, she told me that she'd bought something for me and put it in my room. When I went in my room, everything was gone. My TV was gone. My cable was gone. My systems were gone. My LeBrons were gone. My Jordans were gone. My Kobes were gone. All she left me was a pair of Reeboks.

While the punishment may seem harsh to some, many social media users supported his mother's choice.

"Had all those shoes and still couldn't find your way to school," Facebook user Cine Zam commented on the picture. "Mom did you a favor."

"When you skip in life things begin to skip out on you, too," Spencer McVeigh wrote in the comments. "Momma made that happen so he didn't have to experience it the hard way in the future."

Kellee Thomas agreed.

"No she left you with more... something to think about," she wrote. "Your future will be empty just like your room without an education."

Several appreciated the subject's tone toward his mother, saying that his respect when talking about her is another sign of good parenting.

"I respect the fact that he doesn't seem to resent his mom for doing what she did," Will Trinidad wrote on Facebook. "Speaks to his maturity and the understanding that he knew he was letting her down."

Humans of New York, often referred to as "HONY," is a bestselling book and Facebook page that depicts street portraits accompanied by interviews collected by photographer Brian Stanton in New York and occasionally abroad, according to the Wall Street Journal.

There is no word yet on whether the young man has begun taking school more seriously or whether he has gotten his things back.

Sources: Humans of New York Facebook, Wall Street Journal / Photo Credit: Facebook


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