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Man Disrespects Female Officer, She Responds Accordingly

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A young man was caught on camera disrespecting a female police officer and getting exactly what he deserved in return (video below).

In the video of the incident, the teen can be seen arguing with the officer about the reason he was being arrested.

“You’re going to arrest me for riding on the sidewalk?,” the young man asks while sitting on a bicycle.

“You need to give me your I.D.,” the officer says. 

The officer continues to demand the young man’s identification, and then attempts to detain him when he tries to ride away. She grabs his hands to put them behind his back, but he pulls away and shoves the officer while telling her to “chill out.”

When he begins to comply and puts his hands behind his back, another officer approaches and grabs his arm.

“Do you hear her talking to you?,” the second officer questions.

The young man insists he isn’t doing anything. At the end of the video, the young man can be seen cursing at the officers and asking them why he was being arrested.

In a similar incident, a Tennessee teen was arrested for yelling “pigs!” at police officers. The teen would normally have been able to legally shout whatever he wanted at the officer, but he made a critical mistake by cracking the rear passenger door of his car before yelling at the officers while they were conducting a traffic stop, U.S. News reported.

“If the arrest had occurred for shouting through an open window, it probably would have been unconstitutional,” Vanderbilt University Law School professor Christopher Slobogin said.

Opening a door while a car is moving, however, is a traffic violation. 

University of Florida First Amendment Project director Clay Calvert agreed the arrest was constitutional.

“While the First Amendment generally protects yelling epithets like 'pigs' at police officers, especially at public demonstrations against alleged police abuses of power, this case appears to be very different,” Calvert said.

“If Reece really opened the door of a moving vehicle traveling about 35 miles per hour to yell 'pigs,' then the arrest is based upon Reece's conduct rather than his speech," Calvert continued. "Rolling down a car window to yell 'pigs' would be protected by the First Amendment, but not opening a moving car's door, which could create a hazard for other vehicles.”

Sources: morigator2011/YouTube, U.S. News / Photo credit: morigator2011/YouTube via Mad World News

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