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Teacher And Child Alleged Murderer Was Former Student


Former Dewitt Clinton High School teacher Felicia Barahona, 36, and her 4-year-old son, Miguel, were found dead in their New York City apartment the morning after Christmas. Issac Duran, father and alleged killer of the boy, claimed he was upset Barahona had dressed their son in women's clothing.

According to the New York Post, Felicia was found in the living room with an electrical cord tied around her throat. Miguel was found drowned in the bathtub. It is believed their bodies had been left dead there three to four days after Duran, a military veteran, reportedly carried out the murders.

The gruesome double-murder in Manhattan is believed to be the act of one of Felicia’s former students -- and the father of her child.

According to WPIX, Issac Duran, 21, turned himself in to New York Police on Dec. 27 for the killings.

Duran, who is an Afghanistan war veteran, was seen on surveillance footage entering and exiting Barahona’s apartment multiple times in the days leading up to the murder, notes the Post.

Barahona was fired from her teaching position at Dewitt Clinton High School in 2013 for having a love affair with Duran.

The couple allegedly began the affair when Duran was 15, waited to have sex until Duran was 17, then continued their relationship five times a week, with Barahona telling Duran “not to worry” about protection. The couple broke up in 2012.

In his confession to the double-murder, Duran allegedly referenced the “Devil” and claimed he was unhappy with how Barahona was raising the child. Duran expressed displeasure with Barahona dressing Miguel in female clothing.

At the time of her death, Barahona had completed a final exam for a forensic science class at John Jay College. 

Sources: New York Post (2), WPIX / Photo credit: Kilian Evang/Flickr

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